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About Voice Over Artist, Terry Daniel 

Terry Daniel-Voice Talent

Terry Daniel is making waves in the voice over industry as an actor, instructor, speaker and social media marketing expert.

Terry Daniel is taking center stage with his business and entrepreneurial endeavors as a voice over talent. Daniel specializes in voice overs for commercials, Internet podcasts, audio books and various business projects. He has quickly made his way into the top ranks of being one of the most recognized voice talents in the industry, which has led to his association with corporations, businesses and nationally recognized voice over organizations.

A voiceover talent is an individual that is able to use speaking as a main way of acting. The voice is then recorded in order to use for commercial purposes or to narrate specific information. According to Voices.com, this particular industry is continuing to grow, reaching all time record highs of individuals that do voice acting and are needed to accompany every type of audio sound, from radios to commercials. Voice overs are moving into higher demand for traditional mediums, such as television and radio and are also quickly moving into newer areas of exposure, such as podcasts and wireless technology. This sudden burst is allowing individuals to move into the field as a promising career.

There are a variety of national corporations that are now turning to Daniel as a dependable voice actor, allowing them to receive the correct tools to build their acclaim as a business. His reputation has so far exceeded expectations of companies, and has led to a variety of commercials for corporations such as Apple Computers, Sprint, Lifetime Fitness, United Way, Hallmark, McDonalds, Great Clips and hundreds of others who need the perfect voice. This also includes exclusive work that he has done for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The career of voice overs began with Daniel over twenty years ago, when he began working as a radio host which reviewed movies, known as "The Movie Guys." He then grew into becoming a professional D.J. for a smooth jazz station, as well as alternative rock station, After this, he moved into working as a marketing executive for Clear Channel and CBS Radio. It was after this career move that Daniel broke free into his own endeavors and began to move into his voice over talent niche.

Daniel was a keynote speaker at Voice 2010 and 2012 in Los Angeles. He has become an expert in social media marketing and the voice over industry.