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Voiceover Student Testimonials

 "Terry is professional, flexible, and has some of, if not the MOST reasonable rates I have seen in the arenas of Voiceover Coaching and Demo Production. Working with him has been an absolute joy, it's hardly fair to call it "work!"  What I feel Terry excels at the most in his teaching is allowing the talent to trust themselves, to build the confidence necessary to take risks and make strong choices. They do most of the work, and Terry jumps in to give what little direction is necessary to get that perfect take. 

Terry's teachings are not limited by coaching sessions on delivery. He offers a comprehensive curriculum on all aspects of a voice acting career, working with whatever prior experience or skill level you might have to ensure that you have the talent, technical and marketing skills necessary to be competitive as a global online voice actor. Terry's instructional videos, group classes, and webinars are a wealth of content that he makes available to his students past and present. He won't leave you in the dust once your demo is made and the check is cleared; he is a mentor that makes himself available to all of his students, regardless of where they are at in their careers.

If you are an aspiring talent ready to take the plunge, or a seasoned veteran wanting to improve their marketing or branch into other markets of voiceover, or have actually made it this far into my testimonial, hurry up and hire Terry! You'll thank me later!"

Sean Daely- Voice Talent

 "Terry Daniel is a great coach for new voiceover talent. Not only does he train you in the art and performance of VO, he also teaches the business and tech of VO too. Everything he does is very down to earth, so don't worry about having to understand anything more than you need to.  Personally, Terry is a great guy too. He introduced me into the culture of VO talent and had me meet a couple of his industry friends too.  For the money, you absolutely cannot find someone who trains you and produces your demo for this level of quality. Within weeks of finishing my demos and launching my website, I made back the money I invested with Terry.

Bottom line: If you are new to voiceover, and want training and a demo, hire Terry."

Adam Burl- www.adamburl.com 

"I am still a relative newcomer to the VoiceOver business, but I knew that there were two things that were critical to my success: a good coach and world class demos. If you do a simple search for a VoiceOver coach, Terry Daniel pops up everywhere, and for good reason. Terry has experience, he has the knowledge and he has the patience to work with anyone. VoiceOver coaching is very subjective and there are some who will lead you down the wrong road. Terry's talent and knowledge is among the best and is clearly in the elite of the VoiceOver world. You will work hard, you will learn and you will get world class demos. The training package that Terry offers is a great value and will be the next step down the road to your own personal success."

David Bucci- www.davidbucci.net

"Thanks for allowing me the privilege to connect with you as a friend and mentor. You've helped reshape my confidence and passion for voice over; for that reason I'll always be indebted to you!"

Troy Klein-www.voicefolio.net 

"Thanks Terry!  I use things I've learned from you every day. Getting some local gigs, and still doing corporate training dvds, online, etc.  Cool thing about this business, I'm learning new things and improving every day. The right start was training with you!"

Skip Orem- Skip's Voice 

"I went to Terry Daniel for coaching, with the goal of making two demos--one for commercial work and one for narration. I immediately liked his easy-going, yet professional style. He was great about giving feedback and advice, both in terms of my voice over work and the industry in general. And he offers ongoing training in marketing and production, which is invaluable. A couple of weeks after receiving my completed demos, I signed with Talent Poole Talent Agency, for whom voice over work makes up half their business.

Not only is Terry an excellent coach and mentor, but he's an extremely talented voice over actor himself. He really knows his stuff! I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in voice over work."

Jami Shoemaker- Voiceover Artist  

"Working with Terry has truly been a blessing.  As hard as it is to admit, there were times when I was not on my "A" game.  Terry didn't allow me to accept those times, knowing that I could do better.  As a result, I now expect more from myself.  Scripts that at one time seemed out of my comfort zone have turned into my bread and butter.  That is directly attributed to Terry's influence.  The benefit of the extra time we spent to ensure I was prepared for recording is immediately evident upon listening to my demo.

Terry, I cannot thank you enough. I look forward to our continued correspondence and wish you the greatest successes!"

Andre Shaul- Voice-Over Artist 

"I had been looking into voice lessons for some time. Looking into getting my demo done right was even a longer process. Then I stumbled upon Terry. I felt comfortable working with Terry every step of the way. Our one-on-one training made me feel comfortable to "dare to suck!" I felt in our time working together I have already grown as a V.O. artist. And I was even more pleasantly surprised when my demo exceeded my expectations!  Thank you, Terry!"

Sara Lahti- Voice-Over Artist 

 "As a new voice over artist, Terry's program has helped me to pursue my dream. After many months of practice and auditions, I landed a job doing a character voice for a local bar. At first I was taking gift cards in trade just to get my voice noticed. Now the client has signed me to do 3 spots per week for $400 per month. Thanks again Terry. I'm sure this will lead to other jobs."

Gary Lee- afreshvoicetalent.com  

 "I want to thank you for the wonderful training you provided me for my voice over career. It was incredibly comprehensive, enjoyable, and provided not just coaching, but ways to get my voice "out there". Something other training does not provide in the voice over business.

Terry Daniel's training provides you the tools and inspiration you provide the talent and the drive. He is honest, fun, and follows-up with everything he says he will, which are traits rare in any industry today.

All I can say is thank-you for your patience, your honest evaluations, your follow through, and your preparation! I know I will succeed thanks to your assistance."

Jim Toddie- Voice Overs By Jim Toddie

 "Thanks so much!  When listening to the demos it's hard to believe it's me.  I sound great thanks to you!  I would recommend your services to anyone interested in getting into the voiceover profession.  Not only do you have excellent voice coaching techniques; you give great advice on the business aspect as well. Thanks again, Terry!" 

Vickie Chupurdia- Voice-Over Artist

"When I wanted to get back into voiceover, I turned to Terry Daniel for coaching. Terry really improved my performance and script interpretation. The difference was dramatic. Terry helped me to fix my bad habits and to develop a read that was conversational, warm and believable. Terry was patient, friendly and professional throughout.

Terry's demo production services are fantastic. Terry lined up a local studio for me then mixed the tracks with the perfect musical accompaniment. I highly recommend Terry's coaching for anyone thinking about getting into the voiceover business and for voiceover veterans alike."

Joe Zurba - VObyJoe.com

 "I spent over 25 years in radio broadcasting and I always wanted to break into the voice over industry.  When I finally decided to give it a try, I knew I would have to lose the ‘radio announcer' sound, but I didn't know how.  Terry's coaching helped me break away from sounding like an announcer.  He selected some scripts that worked well with my style.  After our training sessions, we recorded my demos.  In a few short weeks I had an agent representing me, was finding work on my own and I was making money in voice overs!  Terry has been great to work with and very helpful.  He shares information with his students that can only be acquired by having many years in this industry."

 Kevin Plummer- Voice Actor 

"Terry Daniel is a master of media skilled in the art & execution of it with intrinsic knowledge of where media is heading. A voice over guru!"

 Heather Elizabeth Lynn Farrar- Owner at Quillsongs Media & Publishing

"Thank you so much for your amazing expertise. Your coaching has increased my skills and confidence more than 100% (and then some) because for once, I feel like I finally have a grasp on what is needed in the recording booth. Since you've been coaching me, I submitted a voiceover audition with my agent for a national campaign.

I was a contender but I already had a non voice-over booking on the day that the client chose to record. Shortly thereafter, I booked a local voiceover with two other actors. Throughout the whole session, the engineer was giving line reads to the other actors but only had one comment for me. It was truly amazing and a definite sign to me that I have finally begun to "get" the process and I can now look forward to more bookings down the road! Thank you again"!

Josephine Fox- Voice-Over Artist

"Hey Terry!  I want to thank you for your expert v-o coaching and for producing a great couple of demos for me.  I really appreciate how you were willing to go the "extra mile," taking a little extra time and effort to help me give it my best.  I'll be happy to recommend you to others!"

Dean Christensen- Dean Christensen Professional Services

"Early 2009, I made the decision to once again pursue voice over and audio as part of my business. I am a 20+ year veteran of the radio broadcasting industry and knew that with the growth of the internet, the audio world was changing and becoming much more accessible. I also knew I had to get a new Voice Over demo done if I was going to enter back into this world.

I met Terry in April of '09 and hired him a week later. Terry coached me through my new demo and also helped me with figuring out what my niche is in the Voice Over world. Terry was professional, knowledgeable and provided great insight into developing a voice over business in the 21st century. I have been so impressed with Terry and his work, I asked him to be a Voice Over partner for my Next Stage Business Radio Show.

"If you are considering VO as a business or are curious if this is the right path for you, contact Terry. I guarantee you will get the honest feedback necessary to grow your career and be pleased with the end result of your demo. Terry's the real deal!"

Pamela Muldoon- Next Stage Business Radio

"Terry Daniel is an expert in the field, and was a fun, patient man to train with as a beginner Voice Over Actor. He inspires confidence and is clear about developing your most essential talents. I totally recommend Terry and look forward to future trainings to establish a successful career as a Voice Over talent."

Dr. Mariah Larkin- Voice Talent

 "I would highly recommend Terry Daniel's voiceover training services. Terry helped me come out of my shell, so to speak. I have gained a ton of confidence in my abilities as a voiceover artist and feel like I can conquer any script that comes my way.  Terry is great at making his students feel comfortable in sessions. Whether it was over Skype, or in his studio, I never felt intimidated, and was able to fully explore my vocal abilities."

Alison Cromie- Voice-Over Artist

"Terry Daniel is by far, the quintessential voiceover coach.  His supportive critique and encouragement helped me hone my voice technique and vocal control.  My voice over career has advanced exponentially as a result, procuring more voice over work and repeat clients.  I highly recommend Coach Terry Daniel for any Voice Talent serious about advancing their VO career!"

Wayne "Wayne Edwards" Nelms- WaynesVoice

"I would definitely recommend Terry's voice coaching to anyone looking at getting started in voiceover, or fine tuning their VO skills.  All of my previous background was in radio, so I didn't know what to expect with his voice coaching sessions.  I really enjoyed working with Terry and was very impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and patience..not to mention his dedication to my demos.which turned out great!  Thanks for all your help Terry!"

Scott Rose- Scottrosevoiceovers.cozs

"Terry is an excellent voice talent coach.  His expertise and insight into the voice over industry, script reading and demo creation is top notch.  Terry's casual and upbeat personality creates a comfortable environment for students during each coaching session.  The professionalism and detail he provides in his feedback to students and to the demo productions, enables them to feel confident and grow in their Voice Talent career.

If you are new to the voiceover industry or a seasoned Voice Talent looking for honest insight and a fresh, professional perspective; I highly recommend Terry as a coach!"

Julie Streifel- Voice-Over Artist

"Earlier this year, I finally placed a call to Terry to discuss my many, many years of indecision as to my entering into the craft of voice over. That call by the way, has turned out to be one of the most pivotal conversations that I have had in my life.

Terry was quick to explain that being blessed with a good voice is not the most important piece of a successful voice over career, but learning proper technique, from an individual who understands the industry, combined with a "whatever it takes" mindset are just a few of the necessary basic parameters.

Terry's instruction, along with a true desire for one's success, as well as his innate observation abilities to put the proper script in front of you, is a tribute to his vast knowledge. He consistently exhibited a unique blend of teacher/friend skills that kept me focused (yes- some days are very tough!), while at the same time, keeping me in character and motivated to perform to my potential.

If you are truly serious about becoming a part this great industry, please make a note that the critically important learning foundation which you will need, would be well served if it was through the mentoring of Terry Daniel."

Sandy McKee- Voice-Over Artist

 "Terry Daniel is a true mentor. It was a great pleasure to work one on one with Terry knowing that he was completely focused on my future success.  He went above and beyond voice training and script delivery detailing all the steps necessary to cultivate my talent, find my professional niche, market & network my business.  Because of Terry I believe I will be able to reach my highest potential."

Janess M. Vitone-Voice-Over Artist

"I can't thank you enough for your training.  Training with you has been very rewarding!  You made sure my demos sounded professional and AWESOME!  Anyone looking to start or continue their voice over career would be foolish not to invest in your training. I already have people asking me about my training and you are the ONLY coach I mention. Thanks again!"

Michael Compel- www.CompellingVO.com

Contact Terry in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to receive training on becoming a voice actor.